Binderful: A Megaphone for women

Welcome to Binderful, your home away from home. Well, it’s possible that you are in your home right now. In that case, Binderful is your home within your home. Here, we show up for good.

A group of radical women have been offering online classes for the past few years on their own. We decided that the best way to show up for good was to join forces and offer a series of classes that were short enough to fit into your life and affordable enough that we would take them ourselves. Our goal is to disrupt your thinking on topics like leadership, creativity, homemaking, and community building. Thanks for checking out our space. We’re looking forward to growing Binderful with you.


our collaborators

Amy Bowers (Mama Scout)

Angie Lemire

Beth Berry (Revolution from Home)

Becca Bolden

Destiny DeHaven

Heather Davies Bernard

LadySpeech Sankofa

Melanie Levy

Merrick Weaver

Stephanie Perkinson Masland