Define Your Purpose with Improv

Define Your Purpose with Improv


What is improv? Most people know it as some sort of funny, fringe theatre experience with no script, or associate it with 20-something bearded bro-chelors with baseball hats and the 30 Rock writer's room.

Define Your Purpose with Improv is here to tell you that improv is for humans, period, end of conversation. Which means that improv is for you. Improv is for people looking to grow, learn, and define their purpose. And it can change your life.

In this class, we will explore the tenets of improv - serving the scene, giving and taking focus, embracing the bomb, editing, and of course, "Yes, And." We learn how improv is about being focused, honest, and listening - leading you to the best version of you.

Claim your space. Make your voice heard. Tell YOUR story.

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