Family Lab: Connect

Family Lab: Connect


Part of our Family Lab series, this lab offers new ways to look, play, record and experiment to build deeper familial connections that are dynamic, non-hierarchical, and collaborative. Through essays, experiments and field trips, Family Lab: Connect offers a fresh and unique perspective on family living and loving. The class includes a 17 page workbook to guide and track your progress

Instructor: Amy Bowers

Format: 7 Emails, 7 Days

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About the Family Lab series:

Family Lab is a three-part lab where your family becomes a testing site for new ideas, discussions, and experiments. The labs can be taken as a bundle or separately; they are not dependent on each other. Drawing on my experience as a experience as a radical mom of three, autodidact and fervent explorer, the labs are definitely not prescriptions but ideas and provocations that offer a slight tilt of the lens to routine perspectives. They are meant to shake things up and to inspire you to keep shaking things up on your own.

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Amy Bowers is a recent transplant to New England from Florida. She stays busy ferrying her three kids all over Connecticut, writing about vernacular photos and backyard murders, and trying to make the perfect pot pie. She blogs irregularly at Mama Scout and has been leading online labs in a creative family living for the last six years.

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