Family Lab: Connect

Family Lab: Connect


Part of our Family Lab series, this lab offers new ways to look, play, record and experiment to build deeper familial connections that are dynamic, non-hierarchical, and collaborative. Through essays, experiments and field trips, Family Lab: Connect offers a fresh and unique perspective on family living and loving.

Instructor: Amy Bowers

Format: 7 Emails, 7 Days

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About the Family Lab series:

Family Lab is a three-part lab where your family becomes a testing site for new ideas, discussions, and experiments. The labs can be taken as a bundle or separately; they are not dependent on each other. Drawing on my experience as a experience as a radical mom of three, autodidact and fervent explorer, the labs are definitely not prescriptions but ideas and provocations that offer a slight tilt of the lens to routine perspectives. They are meant to shake things up and to inspire you to keep shaking things up on your own.

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