Intro to Herbals

Intro to Herbals


Intro to Herbals explores the magic of crafting with herbals - blending teas, making tinctures, syrups, lotions, and oils.

This introduction keeps things simple so you can focus on the processes and approaches. With resources, discussion and practical examples you’ll explore, research and use herbs in a real and actionable way that can nourish and nurture your life.

Intro to Herbals is all about reconnecting with what’s already happening in the world around you. The plants are growing. The earth is providing. The moon is wandering across the sky. This class will help you connect to all of it.

Instructor: Melanie Levy

Class Length: 7 Days

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About the Instructor


Melanie Levy is living the slow life in the hills of the Appalachian Mountains with her four kids and husband. She spends her days entrenched in the ritual of coffee and incense whilst keeping her family stitched together. She follows the rhythms of nature and is forever getting the side-eye from her neighbors as she digs roots for immune health, throws tarot cards on a whim, and is often found out at the fire under the moon.

Excerpt from Class Day 1

Over the course of this class we’re going to explore the magic of crafting five types of herbal preparations:

  • Teas

  • Syrups

  • Tinctures

  • Oils

  • Lotions & Creams

I want you to feel really comfortable in your ability to explore herbs in a way that can nourish and nurture yourselves and your family. We’ll learn to talk about herbs, research & use them in a real, actionable way! It’s going to be so much fun!

Each day you’ll receive an email from me in which we will explore a new herbal preparation. I’ll provide a basic introduction to the topic and then offer an ‘Apothecary’ section where I’ll provide an easy recipe that you can practice at home. I’ll also share some of my favorite resources, as well as help you gather the important implements you’ll need to start your home apothecary in the ‘toolbox’ section. I encourage you to connect with me throughout the class on Instagram sharing photos of your experiments and learning using #herbtastic.

We will mostly focus on Ginger in this intro class. But, if a particular preparation catches your interest you can go deeper with more information and additional recipes in the focused classes coming soon on Binderful.  

Full disclosure - I’m not an herbalist and you won’t be one either after this class. You can still play with herbs, love herbs, understand herbs, connect with herbs and NOT be an herbalist. Forget the titles and certifications. I cook everyday for my family but no one is calling me a chef. I use herbs everyday too. My intention for this lab is that you'll come away with a sense of possibility. Using herbs as a way to support our bodies has been part of our human experience since the start of time. 

Lastly, it’s totally okay if you don’t have ingredients or supplies on hand right away. Don’t worry. There’s nothing to do to prepare, nothing to buy right now, nothing to do but engage. This is going to be an on-going, open discussion about the creative ways we can use herbs in our lives, as if you were sitting in my kitchen listening to me jabber as I make a blend of tea for you. 

It’s all about reconnecting with what’s already happening around you. The plants are growing. The earth is providing. The moon is wandering across the sky. And we can connect to all of it. 

Ready? Me too!