Sexy, Raw & Radiant: An Intro to Raw Eating

Sexy, Raw & Radiant: An Intro to Raw Eating


Seasonal Special — Only Available Until September 21st

Feeling sexy & radiant isn’t just about what we put into our body, it’s also about the way we connect with our body. The goal of Sexy, Raw & Radiant is to teach you how to make raw foods part of our daily life, while also incorporating pleasure and beauty by reconnecting to your body through the five senses (and even the sixth). By the end we’ll be feeling radiant inside and out. 

You’ll learn practical skills for raw eating, like soaking and sprouting, while also going deeper into your connection with yourself and your surroundings to uncover a true sense of radiance.

This 10 day class includes:

  • A 40 page raw cookbook

  • A class workbook and printable resources

  • A raw cleanse guide complete with menu and shopping list

Instructor: Stephanie Perkinson Masland

Format: 10 Emails, 10 Days

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