[PRE-ORDER] Kitchen Table Leadership: Moon Leadership

[PRE-ORDER] Kitchen Table Leadership: Moon Leadership


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The moon guides us through the cycles of our lives. She is a mirror, reflecting the light of the sun. Her rhythms center us in a new way of thinking about leadership. In this class, we explore the non-traditional leadership traits like cooperation, empathy, and connection. We’ll tap into your own personal style of leadership that you can carry with you anywhere. You can be a mirror, reflecting the possibility and potential of those around you.

Join us to reveal how you can use the moon to develop your own leadership. Your leadership matters. And it all starts at home, under the light of the moon. Show up for good.

Instructor: Merrick Weaver

Format: 7 Emails, 7 Days

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About the Kitchen Table Leadership Series

Kitchen Table Leadership is a series of classes that explore how to be a more effective leader. Whether you have a job or not. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. These classes can be taken consecutively or separately; they are not dependent on each other. They examine the leadership opportunities that pop up in our daily lives, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, and in our communities. They will radically shift both how you understand leadership and your potential as a leader.

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