Know Your Vulva

Know Your Vulva


You probably call it your vagina (or your va-jay-jay) and it does go by many names, but really it's your vulva. And did you know that your vulva is not your vagina. Join Binderful's resident female anatomy expert, and sexual & reproductive health consultant, Angela LeMire, as she exposes the secrets of your nether regions.

From Angela:

This body-positive class will teach you the difference between the vulva and the vagina, anatomy and physiology of the vulva, how to deeply explore your own vulva by performing a vulvar self-examination, and the art and history of the vulva. Using humor, honesty, and kindness, this class gives women a way to consider and intimately interact with their bodies in a way that is liberating and empowering.

You'll begin building vulva self-esteem while feeling more prepared to have informed conversations with others about the awesomeness of the vulva.

Instructor: Angela LeMire

Format: 7 Emails, 7 Days

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About the Know Your Anatomy Series:

This is a call-to-action series empowering you to get to know your body better. This series is meant to build knowledge and comfort in exploring your most intimate body parts. Know Your Vulva and Know Your Anus are the first classes available in this series. Stay tuned for The Clit Class and Know Your Breasts, coming soon.

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