Revillaging: Create the Community You Crave

Revillaging: Create the Community You Crave


We aren’t meant to be shouldering life’s burdens alone. Though overwhelmedness, self-doubt, and disconnection are common, we don’t have to accept them as norms.

In this class, we will explore practical, creative ways to shift our mindsets, self-perceptions, habits, and priorities toward more connected, meaningful everyday lives. In doing so, we not only set ourselves up to thrive, but encourage and model thriving for our children, and make radical social change possible.

Based on a 2-year revillaging project that's changed the lives for dozens of women, these powerful step-by-step solutions will equip and empower you to create the community you long for, no matter how busy you are or sterile-feeling your subdivision.

Instructor: Beth Berry

Format: 7 Emails, 7 Days

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About the instructor

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Beth Berry is a writer, whole life coach, mother of four daughters, and devotee of the Sacred Feminine. A revolutionary at heart, she supports and encourages women toward the realization of their fullest potential and the reclamation of motherhood from disempowering personal and cultural stories. She believes that awakened women who know themselves to be lovable, worthy, and beautiful, are powerful beyond measure and essential to the healing of the world. Follow her journey (within) at

Excerpt from Class

Hello beautiful human! My name is Beth Berry and I’m truly honored that you’re here. The fact that you decided to purchase this course tells me something exciting about you. You--like me--long for a more connected, cooperative, supportive existence than our culture offers, and you’re ready and willing to do your part in creating a new way. Yay!! I love connecting with my tribespeople. 

I am beginning this seven-day journey with the following assumptions: 

  1. You feel the absence of the village deep in your bones. You’re tired of feeling isolated in your struggles, and feel hungry--maybe even starved--for a more connected, supported, interdependent way of being. 

  2. You don’t know where to start. Your life is full and busy. You feel maxed most of the time already, which makes the idea of revillaging more than a little daunting. You need practical solutions, tangible steps, and to feel like you’re making actual progress toward the connectedness and community you crave.

You are so not alone in your desires and struggles, friend. I feel you and I share in your hunger and frustrations, as do hundreds of thousands of other beautiful people in the US and the world over. 

The Inspiration for this class

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post titled In the Absence of the Village, Mothers Struggle Most. Having listened to hundreds of heartbreaking stories from clients, living abroad for four years, witnessing so many of my close friends struggle, and twenty-one years into my own journey as a passionate, intentional mother of four, I was fed up.

Woman after woman I encountered shared the same stories of isolation, overwhelmedness, disempowerment, and a constant, nagging sense of inadequacy. When the post went viral, it became clear that I was onto something; that I was far from alone in my frustrations. It’s been read and shared hundreds of thousands of times, reposted in journals, quoted in books, and continues to be circulated, despite the fact that it’s now ancient by internet standards. I then created MotherWorthy, a year-long program specifically designed to promote personal reclamation, rewilding, and revillaging.

This week-long course, Revillaging 101, has been created based on the wisdom, experience and sharing of dozens of women who are actively and courageously committed to creating a new, more connected way for themselves and their families…