[PRE-ORDER] Revillaging: Create the Community You Crave

[PRE-ORDER] Revillaging: Create the Community You Crave


Instructor: Beth Berry

Format: 7 Emails, 7 Days

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We aren’t meant to be shouldering life’s burdens alone. Though overwhelmedness, self-doubt, and disconnection are common, we don’t have to accept them as norms.

In this class, we will explore practical, creative ways to shift our mindsets, self-perceptions, habits, and priorities toward more connected, meaningful everyday lives. In doing so, we not only set ourselves up to thrive, but encourage and model thriving for our children, and make radical social change possible.

Based on a 2-year revillaging project that's changed the lives for dozens of women, these powerful step-by-step solutions will equip and empower you to create the community you long for, no matter how busy you are or sterile-feeling your subdivision.

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