Rise Up with with Morning Rituals

Rise Up with with Morning Rituals


Could you use some help with your morning routine? Feel like you just don’t have the time or energy to do all of the things you want to in the morning? 

I used to spill smoothies, cry, yell at my family and be mad at myself in the mornings, until I figured out the power of practicing morning rituals. 

Come into the day with intention, power, positivity and some self-love satisfaction, and be like, “I woke up like this.” {Happy, calm, clear, grounded, energized, ready and peaceful, that is.}

This class will give you a series of tools, practices, rituals and embodiment techniques that you can mix and match and do in your own organic way every day. From 1 minute- 1 hour morning rituals , I’ve got you covered.  Customize and prioritize a practice that works for you. 

Instructor: April (Axé) Charmaine

Format: 7 Emails, 7 Days

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How it Works


About the Instructor


April (Axé) Charmaine is the Founder and CEO of Sol Vida Worldwide, a nomadic natural lifestyle company dedicated to creating positive energy through transformative dance and wellness experiences. 

A seasoned and award-winning, embodied leader, holistic dance and performing arts educator, director, choreographer, writer, Unschooling mama, motivational speaker and mentor for young adults and women across the world since 1999. I’m on a mission to shift the consciousness of normalcy and get you loving yourself supremely and moving in your body. 

Excerpt from Class Day 1

The single most important thing you can do to create a consistent morning ritual is…

Set an intention.

Your first personal challenge in creating a morning ritual practice is to set a clear intention for the next 6 days upon greeting those bright, beautiful eyes to the day.

The problem with not having a morning ritual is that we allow life to happen to us. Getting up, getting straight out of bed and the act of just doing things puts us in a reactive state. When we are reactionary, things do not feel like they are in control. Lord knows, we want to be in control!

It’s easy for resentment, frustration, and irritation to build because the world is making you feel a certain way, or other people are claiming your energy, time and space. It can become a crazy spiral when we just go, go, go.

Hot ass mess mornings

I’ve felt it a million times before. I used to get out of bed, trip over my clothes and objects, attempt to make a miraculous smoothie and protein-filled, fruit, and lemon-watered start to the day for my son and I.

I’d step out the door thinking I was doing good and then… I’d hop in the car and spill my smoothie. After yelling at my son to be ready and go, we would both enter the day in a state of panic…