Meet binderful contributor HEATHER Davies Bernard


Heather began writing as a kid on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where she typed short stories and very sincere poems on her mother’s old manual typewriter.  She and a friend co-anchored a video broadcast of the morning announcements at Kent County High School. She was the editor of her high school newspaper and played field hockey very badly.

Logically, she majored in English at Bates College.  Pragmatically, she began a career in communications and PR after college – working as Assistant Press Secretary of Governor Angus King of Maine, a non-profit communication specialist for the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and as a Brand Marketeer at Burson Marsteller in San Francisco.  She took the cable car home from work and felt like Mary Tyler Moore.

Contemplatively, Heather charted a path to DC for law school at the American University Washington College of Law.  Surprising herself (but probably no one else), Heather absolutely loved law school. She was hired by the law faculty to write and teach study skills workshops to frenzied first year students.  The law school had a small Starbucks across the street. Heather loves coffee.

Heather adopted Austin as her hometown *just before* the rest of the world found out how cool it is.  She has worked as an attorney for the past 13 years, getting into the legal business of elections (so interesting), insurance (so not), and federal child nutrition programs (so, so important).  She liked running until she didn’t. Her feet are holding a serious grudge about those years of waiting tables and wearing heels (not at the same time).

Heather is an attorney, consultant, resume artist, strong opinion holder, mother of dragons (aka, her two boys, Jack and Sawyer), melanoma survivor, Junior Leaguer, nonprofit board devotee, former blogger (aren’t we all?) and fierce friend.  She’s here to help.

Instagram: @heatherdaisies