Meet binderful contributor Maryanna Brunkhorst


Maryanna Wienbroeer Brunkhorst is a child of the Rocky Mountains who carries their inspiration, strength, and resilience with her in every endeavor. She is a teacher, learner, writer, explorer, dancer, woman, and veteran. An extroverted-introvert (yep, it’s a thing) she spends her days getting international students excited about the English language and building bridges among different cultures. When not teaching or writing; you can find her playing outdoors, salsa dancing, practicing aerial yoga, or deepening connections. Maryanna is passionate about breaking stereotypes, seeing possibility, and living in the land of “can.”

A journal-keeper since age 16 - through Air Force life, unexpected loss, and life adventures; she discovered the full potential of expressive writing’s healing and visioning capabilities after being introduced to guided journaling techniques. She launched Chinook Writing and Journaling in hopes of equipping others with tools to unleash their voice, own their power, kickstart growth, and cultivate curiosity. She believes words have power and harnessing them can heal. Write you. Do you. Be real.


Instagram: @chinookwellnesswriting


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