Meet binderful contributor PENNY KIDD


She's not an advisor or investor, Penny Kidd is a Financial Coach. she uses a 30-year career in Social Work to help individuals and couples "make their money behave." She started her personal journey to pay off their debt in her early 40's and by age 48 she was completely DEBT FREE, including the home. She now believes it is all about behavior, not math and if you can implement a system and address your mental blocks around money you can achieve success and make your money match your goals in life. She has coached hundreds of people since she left her Social Work career and finds as much satisfaction in their success as she does her own. She's been called patient and non-judgemental in her approach with her tribe she calls "Wise Guys." Penny has been married for 28 years to Marc and has two wonderful young adult kids who she helped graduate without student loans.


Instagram: @pennywisecoach


Courses from Penny coming soon