Meet binderful contributor Phylecia Jones


Phylecia Jones is a US TV money expert, TEDx speaker, emcee, STEM advocate and Founder of iFind You Close helping speakers research and book more stages. She started her business career as a Budgetologist and has challenged hundreds of audiences to have a mindset shift when it comes to reaching success, the influence of math and the power of choices.

After being featured on stages in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, inspiring business owners on budgeting and money management, Phylecia realized the power of using the stage as a way of marketing to grow a business and brand. As the Founder of iFind You Close, she is bringing over 18 years of research, analytics and entrepreneurship experience to those who want to want to use public speaking to share the message of their company, business or brand. 

Phylecia holds a degree in Computer Science, a Masters Degree in Systems Engineering and is a former scientist for the US Navy. She has had the honor of presenting on such platforms as TEDx, NPR TED Radio Hour, NBC 9 News, Daily Blast Live TV, FinCon, iThemes and a host of organizations that trust her ability to educate, inspire and transform. When Phylecia isn’t deep into researching the internet, she blogs about her eclectic list of ever-growing life experiences including travel, baton twirling, performing with a circus, RVing across the USA, being a professional cheerleader and achieving 100 hours towards being a yacht captain.

Instagram: @keeping_up_with_mrs_jones


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