Meet binderful contributor RU JOHNSON


Ru Johnson is a creative consultant, power broker and community arts engagement expert specializing in independent music industries. Her work took shape in Denver, Colorado after covering the hip-hop scene via the city's Village Voice publication before launching Roux Black in answer to resources the city lacked in support of urban communities. Roux Black Consulting is a creative consulting firm that works with people, places and things looking to expand their consumer demographic. In short, we make things cool. We bridge the gap between communities and those who have the resources to amplify the creatives within that community. 

She loves hip-hop so her focus has been on creating platforms of expression for independent hip-hop artists through booking, press and corporate social responsibility. At Roux Black we produce sold out independent events, book artists and craft savvy development campaigns aimed at ramping up exposure for dynamic dreamers. 

She’s moderated discussions with Pussy Riot, executed the creation and production of the only all female Wu-Tang cover band, sold out a bevy of shows all over Colorado, worked on #breakmusic projects with Red Bull Sound Select and have current campaigns with AEG and Live Nation.


Instagram: @theperfectroux


Courses from RU coming soon