Freestyle Your Guiding Word with Amy Bowers & Merrick Weaver

Here at Binderful, we like to look forward. Amy (@mamascout) & Merrick (@withmerrick) joined forces to create a simple guide to unearth your guiding word for 2019.

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A message from Amy

The potential energy held in the time immediately after the holidays and before the new year is tremendous. You can hear it crackling under the surface, waiting to be harnessed and transformed into whatever you can dream up.

Each year, I eschew resolutions, updated bucket lists, and lengthy year-in-review processes. Instead gather my intentions around one word/image/idea. I let this word being my guiding principle and use it to motivate and re-center myself throughout the year. (I think it is important to note that this word does not have to remain in use for the entire year. You can switch your word every season, month or week. There are no rules).

In an interview with poet Joy Harjo, she said, " ...writing tells the truth, but also constructs a truth upon which to build on." YES! Writing, even for the non-writer, can not only help figure out where you are at, but can construct the road map for where you want to go.

There are so many possible truths and one way to get to the one you want is to write it (or paint it, sing it, perform it...)


A message from Merrick

I got the idea for a guiding word from Amy years ago, around the same time I coined the hashtag, #alwayscopyamy. Some years, my guiding word comes to me in September, a time of major change: back to school, the profound shift from summer to fall, and the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah. This year, my word came to in the month of October in a grocery store shopping for produce.

When I was in my 30s, I would attempt a more in-depth year-in-review process and get overwhelmed fast. I love the idea of moving into the new year with intention, and I really love that doing that can be easy and fast and powerful.  I wanted something more streamlined and forward-gazing. And my little process is only two steps. I’m ready to look forward.

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