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A Megaphone for Women

revolutionary courses delivered straight to your inbox




Our email-based courses are compact and affordable and will certainly disrupt the way you think about yourself, your home and your neighborhood. Because they are delivered straight to your inbox, you can join us in the comfort of your pajamas.


Who We Are

Magic happens when women come together. Our contributors have been chosen because of their moxie, know how, and verve. They deliver diverse and insightful perspectives on topics that are important to you.




The Clit Class

This clitoris 101 class gives participants a way to interact with their bodies in a liberating and empowering way

These are seriously the Best Courses I’ve Ever Taken.
— Martha, New York

Freestyle your guiding word

Get that guiding word! Your very own word (or phrase) for the year is a both lovely beacon to keep you grounded and a fabulous way to frame experiences that you don’t even know you’re going to have yet! Our contributors Amy & Merrick joined forces to create a simple guide to help you find your guiding word for 2019. It’s the best. So full of moxie, know how, and verve. All of which could be your guiding word. We’re not telling you what to do. Go see for yourself.