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Freestyle your guiding word

Identifying a guiding word for the coming year can create a great beacon to keep you forward focused and on track. Our instructors, Amy & Merrick, joined forces to create a simple guide to help you find your guiding word for 2018. 

what is binderful?

Binderful is your new home for exploration and discovery. We specialize in classes that are high impact and easy to fit into your life. Because they are delivered straight into your inbox, you can join us in the comfort of your pajamas. Our community of instructors delivers diverse and insightful perspectives on topics that are important to you. Our compact, affordable classes will disrupt the way you think about yourself, your relationship with your home, your neighborhood and community. We’re here to support you in making space for what matters and then getting to it. The action is where it’s at.

These are seriously the Best Classes I’ve Ever Taken.
— Martha, New York