Women Doing Whatever the Fuck They Want

Women Doing Whatever the Fuck They Want


Are you filling your time with activities, things, and people that bring you joy? Are you feeling blocked? Do you want a breakthrough? Is there a project that you’ve wanted to tackle, but something is holding you back? Is there a goal that’s been floating around in your head that you want to get moving on? Are you feeling overwhelmed with how much you want to get done? Or burnt out at the thought of how much there is to do? 

We know how you feel.

And we know that you’re in charge of your destiny. Join us for our midsummer’s workshop: Women Doing Whatever the Fuck They Want. Instructors Destiny DeHaven and Merrick Weaver will support you in discovering where you can free up time and energy to go make the impact that you’re on this planet to make.

In this workshop, we’ll cover:

  • Limiting beliefs & the bullshit stories that prevent you from getting what you want

  • Skills around setting & holding boundaries

  • Creating a physical space that supports you

  • Maintaining a calendar that allows you the time to do what you want

  • Cultivating relationships that support your growth & forward movement - and the growth & forward movement of your community

This workshop is for anyone who wants support getting clarity around an area of their life, prioritizing what’s on their already full plate, getting people and things out of their way, and anyone who just wants to enjoy the rest of their summer to the max.

Workshop details:

This will be an intimate workshop where participants can dive in and give deep thought to an area of their life that needs a little attention. We’ll meet over Zoom. Both Merrick & Destiny are skilled at leading online workshops that cultivate a sense of shared community and where confidentiality, laughter, and real talk are paramount.

Workshop Date: Monday July 22nd, 2019

Workshop Time: 10am - 1pm (MDT)

Workshop Location: This is a virtual workshop that will take place over Zoom video conferencing

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About the Instructors


Destiny and Merrick have been friends, conspirators, accountability and strategic thinking partners for the past two years. They’ve had countless slumber parties and both enjoy the comedy stylings of Eugene Levy & Catherine O’Hara. They partnered together on multiple leadership programs, including Gold Dust Women and the Denver Community Leadership Forum. Destiny is probably most well known for teaching Merrick’s children the art of knife throwing. Their mixtape is dropping soon. Read more about Destiny here and Merrick right here.